Ode to Hawaii: Hawaii Girls in the National Spotlight (Part 1)

June 2, 2010

Like how we like to claim Barack Obama as our own, it’s natural for every town, city, or country, to feel kinship and pride of any of their countrymen or women achieving great success. Hawaii is no different. Indeed, the obstacles appear far greater as Hawaii is an island in the Pacific Ocean, the 50th state of the USA, and culturally diverse where stereotypes and generalities can emerge. Yet, professional athletes, actors, models, businesspeople, musicians, and scores of others have reached national and international success. I want to celebrate it. I also want to share the paradise I live in. And nothing seems more appropriate than to celebrate Maui girl, model (she is also the face of Billabong, too), and surfer Tori Praver, who has a featured photo spread in this month’s Marie Claire magazine. The layout captures the ethereal, yet active energy of our lifestyle; the fashion what we should all aspire to. And thanks to Marie Claire for setting an example of authenticity from the inside out. Now, that’s style.


Photographed by Matt Jones; Styled by Isabel Dupre in Alexander Wang, Burberry, Mango and others.


U.S. OPEN FASHIONS…Tennis still needs a fashion icon here

September 3, 2009
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While I love the dress code of Wimbledon whites, the U.S. Open allows players to wear colors.  So players have taken advantage of it. Here are my choices for the tennis court:

All photos by Getty Images


Very classy and the top fashionable tennis player I would have to say. However, if you have to compare him to his elite colleagues, I would still chose Tiger and Kobe over him. I do not really like his logo. The logo reminds me of the huge polo horse often seen on shirts “allegedly” by Ralph Lauren, but are not true RL shirts.  Sorry Roger. Otherwise, you do always look cool and crisp…and you look like a nice guy.


Looking very athletic and stylish for the tennis mode.


Like the design. The design seems a little edgy for the tennis court, but he balances it well with the white.


Kudos Serena for the popping fuschia color and the killer muscled bod. How many sit ups and pull ups would I have to do?


Like the purple lavender color and the design of the outfit. Very feminine yet functional.


Sleek and sophisticated and looking very athletic. Nice.


A twist on the tennis white. Like the red and the cut of the outfit.


Kudos for the punch of color. The tank and skirt are quite standard, but the color works.


Safe outfit, but again kudos to the punch of yellow.

Maybe there may be a day when we can see Andy Murray in Burberry, Rafal Nadal in Narcisco Rodriguez, or Andy Roddick in Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein on the court. Or for the women- maybe we can see Oscar De La Renta, Diane Von Furstenberg, or Prada. Then we may see a tennis fashion icon emerge.



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