SM road trip: Milano

March 11, 2010
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Milano is a business city; business first, fantasy second. It was our first stop after two red eyes from Honolulu, but jet lag could not curb the excitement to spend a day in beautiful Italy. Rather, it would hit me later like a falling 20 ton concrete slab. Well, we just had 24 hours before traveling again so we walked about even if the Winter Olympics were just underway! Walking from our hotel, the air was crisp, but not overbearing as sunlight swathe the city with pockets of warmth. The last time I was here was during late summer and groups of tourists populated the city centre, eateries, and streets with cameras, shopping bags, and tour guides. In winter, there are more locals and the cold weather wears on people. Yet, the duomo, the city’s prominent symbol, still stood majestically as people congregated in the city centre, roasted castagnias (chestnuts) filled the air and the feeding of the birds still ranked as an easy money-making opportunity.

Duomo in Milano

The birds scattered away. Of course, I did not have any feed in hand, yet.

Two birds pecking at my hand with the feed. Honestly, I love animals but I am not such a fan of birds. (Sorry, bird lovers). Pretty much, only the tourists do stuff like this. Well, we got the photos.

Scenes around the duomo in Milano:

Gelato! But it’s cold outside.

Like New York, black is a predominant color of choice.

In the Galleria with the Louis Vuitton store in the background.


Sunlight through the glass ceiling.

Milano style!




July 10, 2009
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Breaking down the fashions of Michelle Obama in Moscow and Italy. See my post on the Honolulu Advertiser’s blog here.

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